Clean Start: A Fair Deal for Cleaners

Rojina Pradhan Basnet

 "It’s not just about better pay. It is also about security for us. When the old contract  changed,many of my workmates and I were scared that we would lose our jobs when the new contractor took over. But because the company that won the contract has signed up to Clean Start, everyone who was working at the building is guaranteed a job and we don’t have to go on probation.

Clean Start has made an enormous difference to us. With Clean Start, we are treated with respect by our bosses. It means better pay, better hours and better benefits."

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Chris Wagland

Chris.jpg"I've been a cleaner for 28 years. I have three kids and work as a cleaner to provide for them and their futures. I take pride in my job and want to be supported to do it properly.

Before Clean Start, the cleaning industry had really hit rock bottom. Things had become really tough for cleaners like me, and we just couldn’t work any harder or take on any more work even though we were under more and more pressure. It became impossible to do the job well, and that's when I decided enough was enough." 


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Kamal Jimi

Kamal.JPG"The night shift is now up to $21 per hour plus allowances. That makes it $23. Before Clean Start I was earning $19.Now that we have Clean Start we are confident about our rights. We won greater respect and fairer wages.

But we have to keep fighting to make sure that the agreement continues into the future.

We wanted respect and job security and better money. Winning that gave us a sense of achievement and more confidence at work. We can do our jobs properly.

I feel very proud that we achieved that — by joining with other members and raising our union voice.



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