Clean Start: A Fair Deal for Cleaners

About Clean Start

In 2006, city cleaners came together with building owners, cleaning contractors and the community to talk about the crisis in city cleaning.

It was apparent to all stakeholders that the cleaning industry was in desperate need of reform. Cleaning contractors were cutting corners in an effort to win cleaning contracts. As a result, we were losing hours of work, suffering from excessive and dangerous workloads and struggling to survive on poverty wages. This also had a knock on effect on building owners as it posed public hygiene, occupational health and safety and reputational risks that threatened to undermine their relationship with tenants.

We found a solution to this crisis by working together. That solution is the Clean Start Agreement, which revolutionised the city cleaning industry.

Clean Start ensures that we are able to provide quality cleaning while living quality lives. Because of Clean Start, we can now give our families a better life than most other cleaners, who still struggle with day to day expenses. We want to make sure this continues and are committed to working towards an industry which ensures clean and safe city offices.

This year, Clean Start will be renegotiated with cleaning companies. We want a new Clean Start Agreement that will allow us to keep supporting our families for three more years. We also want stronger legal protections to make it much harder to underpay any cleaner. We need you to join with us in our fight for justice, so we can ensure quality cleaning and quality lives in the city cleaning industry.

We’re also supporting our workmates in shopping centres, to help them win a Clean Start too. Find out more at Westfield Watch


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